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Infinitely long storage… 

Variety description:

  • A new onion variety by AGROHOLDING for long storage. Maturity time makes 130-135 days. Rounded bulb, dark bronze dry skin with pronounced gloss.
  • The peculiar feature of the hybrid is its capability for storage over 9 months.
  • Vigorous Infinity оplants coupled with strong root system allows to form a bulb of 140-170 g with high content of dry matter and at least 3-4 scales by the moment of harvesting.
  • High dry matter content in the bulb and incredibly close fitting of covering scales make the hybrid suitable for totally mechanical harvesting. Recommended seeding rate makes not more than 0,8-0,9 mln plants per hectare.
  • Resistance to pink rot and fusariose

Additional information:

- At mechanical harvesting this hybrid proves to suffer least loss during storage among all known varieties. It allows bulk storage method without quality loss. Least weight loss when storage conditions are neglected. As the bulb size increases due to stem-end part, scales do not fall down at the root end even after excessive precipitation in the field after tops down. - The hybrid allows to decrease the harvesting costs to minimum due to its suitability for mechanical harvesting. - During storage it keeps forming additional covering scales increasing its market appeal - It proves to have least quantity of dry leave tops before leaves are down among all known varieties.