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Combination of high productivity and quality of early yields

Variety description:

  • A new onion variety by NEWTECH-AGRO. Maturity time makes 95-108 days. Storage period makes over 5 months.
  • Round-shaped bulb. Golden-brown dry skin, slight gloss, closely fitting scales enable partially mechanical harvesting.
  • The hybrid is notable for extremely high homogeneity exceeding all known early varieties. Uniform bulb weight (depending on the seeding rate, in average 150-180)
  • High resistance to fusariose.

Additional information:

- Recommended seeding rate – 1,0 mln. seeds per hectare. - It forms the covering skin earlier, thus enabling to start harvesting early. The quality of the coverage is much better in comparison with popular early varieties. - The bulb is much firmer comparing to popular early varieties. A very flexible hybrid. The bulb size can be easily adjusted through seeding rate. - Due to its strong root system it endures irregular irrigation easier and forms a marketable bulb. - Due to early formed coverage and high dry matter content it is more resistant to sunburns.