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The best for those looking for resistance, marketable value and colour.

Variety description:

  • A new onion variety by NEWTECH-AGRO. Maturity time makes 110-115 days.
  • Distinctive features – high resistance to fusariose and strong root system. Storage period — over 6 months.
  • Rounded bulb shape. Covering scales are dark brown, glossy, closely fitting to the bulb. By the moment of harvesting bulbs have at least 3 dry scales.
  • Average bulb weight is easily maintained through seeding rate (at seeding rate of 1 mln seeds per hectare the average bulb weight makes 160-180 g).
  • Appealing appearance, resistance to root rots and high uniformity of the bulbs make this hybrid much promising in the South of Russia.

Additional information:

- After commercial trials in Russia in 2010 and 2011 this hybrid was highly praised for the coverage quality among the varieties with the maturity period 115-120 days. The scales are firm, hardly detachable off the bulb. After tops down in the field it forms 3 dark brown glossy scales which remain undetached during mechanical harvesting and transportation. During storage additional scales are formed. - Irrespective of the seeding rate and sowing depth the bulb shape is stable. The hybrid endures densification, but the recommended seeding rate makes 1 mln./em> - During commercial trials in Russia in 2010 and 2011 this hybrid proved to be most productive. Its productivity exceeded all known varieties of this segment. - Due to round shape and high thin neck this hybrid is more resistant to neck rot.