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Variety description:

  • A new onion variety by AGROHOLDING. Maturity time makes 120-125 days.
  • Dark brown scales, productability and high uniformity make this hybrid indispensable for the conveyor.
  • The main distinctive feature is productivity — over 900 centner per hectare (in accordance with the trial results for 2010 and 2011 in Azov district Rostov region, Izobilnensky district Stavropol region, drip irrigation conditions) - and high marketable value.
  • Bulb appearance meets the market requirements: dark bronze color of dry skin, rounded shape.
  • It differs from the widely-known BEREKET and GOLD STAR in earlier maturity and higher marketable value.
  • The hybrid is suitable for all growing methods.

Additional information:

- Storage period — 6-7 months. Optimal seeding rate to obtain bulb weight of 150 g is 1 mln plants per hectare. At high soil fertility single bulbs can weigh up to 300g and even more. - Due to strong root system and maturity period of 120-125 days the hybrid can endure many mistakes in irrigation and nutrition. Placing it for conveyor in the field you can count on assured high quality and high productivity. - Due to rounded shape, high marketable value and dark brown skin color the hybrid is in the biggest demand during massive onion harvesting in the South of Russia.