Variety description:
- variety of late maturity
- growing period – 125-135 days
- mean bulb weight – 150-170 g, at rarefied sowing and intense nutrition the bulb weight can reach 700 g
- perfect round shape
- 3 – 5 closely fitting dry scales
- firm scales of bright dark-bronze colour
- very high yielding potential (100-120 t/ha)
- mean productivity 60-80 t/ha
- well tolerant to densification forming a marketable bulb
- ideal for mechanical harvesting
long-termed storage, direct marketing after harvesting, processing

Additional information:
- the longest storage period among most popular yellow onion
- very strong root system, most resistant to root rot and fusariose
- less susceptible to damages by diseases and pests
- bright light-green foliage color
- recommended for growing in longitudes between 40° and 50°