Olimpia planter for vegetables Vacuum precision planter Gaspardo Olimpia All-purpose precision vacuum planter for vegetables. The new seed distributor OLIMPIA is designed for 2 distributors. Double line sowing. Distributors can be lateralized to ensure row spacing from 4 to 9 cm (the minimum distance between rows is 7 cm with the seed press wheel).

    Main advantages:

    • vacuum system enables high seeding precision;
    • simple readjustment of seeding modes with different row spacing;
    • versatility and suitability for sowing a wide range of vegetable crops;
    • option to change spacing between seeds;
    • vacuum seed cleaning of the hopper and distributors;
    • option to chose between a fixed frame and a folding frame.

    Low speed of disc rotation ensures seeding of high precision under all conditions. Large-sized chamber of seed sucking for optimal performance with any type of seeds.



    Precision planter SNT-2-290 Double line planters for vegetables Agricola Italiano SNT-2-290 Planters for double line seeding series SNT-2-290 are designed for double row planting of vegetable seeds. Distance between rows from 0 to 8 cm. The planter can be equipped with from 2 to 15 seeding units with two seed distributors which are tandem placed, i.e. one after the other. Depending on the frame type the quantity of seeding units can be as follows: solid frame — 2…8 units solid frame of «Quebec» type — 9, 12 or 15 units hydraulic folding frame — 9, 12 or 15 units The distance between rows can be changed by moving units along the frame bar. Standard minimum row spacing makes 29cm. Vacuum in seeding units is created by a centrifugal fan. Air pumping compressor ensures reliable seed emission in the vacuum zone. This excludes clogging of outlets in the seed plate. Seeding units are equipped with seed distributors delivering seeds into separate planting coulters, with coverers and press wheels both in front of and behind planting coulter what enables efficient seed covering. Discs of seed distributors are driven by support driving wheels through 25-speed chain reducing gears. Depending on the crop it is possible to supply discs of various diameter and quantity of outlets. Disc markers are available as option.