Since the year 2008 AGROHOLDING haы been professionally engaged in projecting and selling drip irrigation systems to farmers and enterprises specializing in growing vegetables, fruit and berries in different scopes in greenhouses and open field applying modern intensive technologies. By now our company has gained wide experience and large customer base in different segments of the agricultural market. The company’s strategy is aimed at building firm and long-term business relationships with customers, as well as at close work with producers of drip irrigation systems for approval and application of the latest and most effective products and achievements of science in this area.

The technology of growing vegetables, fruit and berries applying drip irrigation is getting more and more popular in Russia not only among professional growers but as well among private households due to obvious advantages of this technology over conventional irrigation methods. Here are the main benefits:

  • no capping on the soil surface after irrigation what facilitates easy sprouting;
  • more efficient use of water and fertilizers because water and fertilizers are applied directly to plant root zones irrespective of weather conditions (wind, precipitates) and at any time of day if necessary;
  • adjustment of soil water and air regimes and consequently adjustment of root system development;
  • irrigation of fields with any shape and landscape difficulties;
  • minimized soil erosion;
  • avoiding surface wetting during irrigation;
  • possibility to apply different irrigation modes for separate areas of one field for cultivating different crops or varieties or for  row-spacing treatment or other works;
  • minimized weed growth comparing to other irrigation methods due to more thorough water filtration and absence of row-spacing watering.

  As the Russian drip irrigation market is relatively young but dynamic and attractive for foreign producers of drip irrigation products, currently in Russia there are tapes almost from all countries differing in technical features, quality and consistency of operation.

What is drip irrigation tape? Drip irrigation tape is a polyethylene  pipe with integrated emitters having the diameter of 16 mm (the diameter is defined by the length of the irrigated row) and with a wide range of wall thickness: for irrigating vegetables and berries it is recommended to use the wall thickness from 5 mil (0,127mm) to 8 mil (0,2mm), in gardens with perennial plants – greater wall thickness is applied. Quality tape is made of virgin raw material with light stabilizing additives and is notable for homogeneous colour and smooth surface without scratches and holes. Quality drip irrigation tape should be featured both with uniform wall thickness and uniform diameter along the full length of the tape and with same mechanical properties (elasticity, elongation strength, withstanding maximum water pressure).              

      By production method the tape is classified into seamless, produced by means of extrusion, and welded, produced by means of extrusion and welding. Weldless tape is stronger than welded and is featured with higher working pressure. To ensure uniform water flow rate along the full length of the tape and of the field row there are emitters integrated into the tape.

    By water outlet type the tape is classified into the tape with emitters/drippers and the tape with slit outlets.  Water outlet of the so called labyrinth tape   is a slit outlet drilled with laser  or  in other mechanical way. This slit emitter is made of either glue in seam tapes, or polyethylene, slightly differing from the polyethylene used to produce the very tape, in seamless labyrinth tapes.  Water outlet of emitter tape is a round-shaped hole, laser or mechanically drilled. Emitters of this tape type are made of high-quality material grades assuring  maintenance of geometrical dimensions and, most important, geometrical shape of the labyrinth  path, regardless of water pressure and ambient temperature (at least the emitter changes the shape much later than the tape, if we are talking about the tape with thickness range 5 – 8 mil).  Stable geometry of the labyrinth path assures maintenance of turbulent flow inside the emitter within the whole service period, thus assuring uniform water distribution and high resistance to clogging. Flat emitter is more resistant to mechanical loads during placing in the field and to pressure and temperature fluctuations during operation.

Each tape has its advantages and disadvantages and is designed for certain practical purposes and operation conditions. Regarding all these aspects qualified specialist of NEWTECH-AGRO will offer you the best solution in terms of technical features and costs. AGROHOLDING is the official distributor of a number of the leading producers of drip irrigation systems. We are well aware of the peculiarities of the modern agriculture not only in Russia but abroad as well, and know the cost of a mistake in this hard and labour consuming process. We thoroughly select drip irrigation products which are most suitable for the customer’s needs, that’s why prices and quality of the offered products will appeal to any grower. Our experienced specialists will assist both a beginning farmer and a professional grower to design, install and commission a drip irrigation system.  At present the best combination of the price and quality is found in drip irrigation tapes AQUALIGHT  for crops raised with wide row-spacing, STARDROP for onion, carrot and beet root and SD-TAPE  with NANO emitter.